Benefits of Membership


  • We connect you to local Chattanooga farmers and artisans. By supporting our local food producers first, we keep more dollars in our local economy. 

  • We offer an opportunity to connect with those you love, in the kitchen, around the dinner table. Delivering your produce and other Chattanooga farmers market items, along with a meal plan, offers you more time to spend with those you love around the family table.

  • We connect you to the community with an opportunity to invest in others and revive a commitment to our local community.


We are passionate about the local food movement but realize it is not convenient for everyone. We want to change that. Weekly Fig helps you save a trip and receive the best of local produce and farmers market favorites with home delivery right to your front door, while saving you time, hassle, lines and crowds. An easy meal plan to execute accompanies each weekly delivery to save you all those hours on Pinterest. We not only want to make it convenient but exciting to eat fresh, seasonal Chattanooga food and a worthy convenience that supports your health and our community.


There is a difference between organic grocery store and organic, grown in your Chattanooga "backyard" picked yesterday instead of weeks ago in South America. Weekly Fig makes it easier to eat healthy by providing peak harvested produce which retains more nutrients and flavor delivered to your front door, automating the decision and cutting out impulse purchases.  Eating in season and locally is also an investment in your health. 


We are committed to this area we call home and have grown to love.  We want to invite you to participate in investing in others. Our goal is to foster good community to our farmers and other members. We hope you will join us in our mission to share Weekly Fig and help a neighbor or someone less fortunate. We will offer events and classes to invite you to develop a deep appreciation of how local sustainable agriculture benefits our bodies as much as our community. With each Weekly Fig purchase, whether through our CSA or any of the other groceries in our market, you are changing the way food is grown by choosing where you put your dollars.

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